Bitcoin currency features

Low fees: Instead of entering a broker between you and the merchant to transfer money, Bitcoin solves this problem, because the currency has not been transferred, but the currency code is the one that comes out of your portfolio, dear reader, to enter at the merchant's wallet.

Confidentiality and privacy: that distinguishes this currency from traditional currencies, because Bitcoin has a high degree of confidentiality, and it is not subject to supervision by banks or financial institutions.

Global currency: It is not related to a specific geographical location, so it can be treated as if it is the local currency, as it is not linked to a specific country or central bank, not even an economy.

Rarity: The Bitcoin inventor planned to issue only 21 million units of it, until 2040, which contributes to preserving its value and preventing it from collapsing. It is also designed to prevent any transaction or action being retracted and issued collectively across the network.

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